The proof of the pudding is in the eating

About us is established to create, select and introduce high quality natural health products and supplements with the intention of spreading more knowledge to people about functional foods and medicines.

Food is the most important medicine of all

Food particles, including taste and smell,possess and carry different substances which not only affect the physical parts of the body (i.e. for cellular repair and energy production), but also they have energetic impacts on us, influencing our mood and feelings and behavior. They also transfer memories and orders, the same as water.

Health is the state of balance.

. Balance within the physical body (cells, tissues, organs), balance between different emotions, balance in mind, thoughts and beliefs, and balance between body, emotion, mind and spirit. The more balanced we are, the healthier we get and the easier life becomes!


In our chaotic world today where our food is being extremely manipulated, our overall balance is compromised. Genes in food are changed (GMO) without understanding their long-term destructive impacts on the environment. The pollution in our water is worse than ever before in the history of the planet. In fact, excessive chemical contaminations and the man-made pollutants are changing the entire ecosystem of Earth in a way that soon, and according to various scientific reports, no croup could grow naturally anymore. Salmon fish is not real anymore and the American food industry is using more than 8000 chemicals to produce food. Basically, many of the food products we consume today are practically dead!!!

In dealing with chronic health conditions, not many orthodox doctors are trained and even understand about the predispositional(mental and emotional) factors behind them.

In the energetic view also, it is not easily possible to support healing if the fields of energies around us are not properly fixed. These fields are influenced by emotional and mental factors, food, environment, stress, and life style.

Therefore, what is greatly missed today is the energetic aspects of life and the balance between giving and taking or magnetic and gravity. Synthetic foods can no longer carry the energetic message (information) of the nature to release the blockages in us and for this reason, they can no longer promote longevity and health. Natural medicine like food must also be alive and vibrate according to the harmony of life and nature. In Awareness Medicine, we take all these factors in consideration. HEALTH is the STATE of BALANCE!

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