The greatest wealth is Health

Awareness Medicine

Health is the state of Balance and it should be not only within the organs and system functions of the physical body, but also in the emotions and feelings, we well as in the mind (our beliefs, thoughts), boundaries, and traumas of the past experiences and so on. Awareness is designed to support and promote a true way of health restoration working also on the fields (the energy information within and around a person) which constantly influences of the configuration of the matter part (the body) within.

The nutritional supplements provided on this website are manufactured and produced according to the regulation of the European Union (EU) standard but specifically designed for the Middle Eastern population.


It is vital that we create a balance of functions within our physicality as our body is a perfect creation of nature, utmost care must be given to the body.


To think and to feel is a human being’s gift and thoughts that we have give rise to either a positive or negative feelings.Our consciousness plays a very important role in our way of life.


Usually define as a seat of emotions, the invisible force that actually gives life to the very person. It is believed that without spirit our body dies and turns into dust.

Synergy product lines are extraordinary Body-Mind- Spirit nutritional supplements which are designed not only to work on the physicality of the body, but also to impact and influence the field of energy (information) around and within the body. These products are made not only from the highest quality food ingredients available in the market, but also they are put together by clairvoyants and intuitive individuals (who could see the colors) to create the outmost harmony when consumed. This is the Synergy part!

Additionally and more importantly, they are carriers of frequencies and energy signals. Energy is information and the physical body follows the information it receives whether through the environment or from within (perceptions, feelings or beliefs). In Quantum Medicine, chronic diseases are the result of mind giving wrong meaning to an experience! The whole universe works on signaling systems. Sounds, light, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, all possess energetic signatures in very unique ways. The vital body holds the natural blue print of the organ functions and consciousness collapses the energy waves of possibilities to create our reality. Our health is entangled with the energy signals around and within us. Therefore, it is highly possible to restore health and balance by changing and modifying the energy signals which are dictated to the physical body at all time.

Alternative Medicine

Fitness and Diet

Our body was design to do regular movements and we always must condition it to help with normal functions and proper blood circulation. Together with diet or proper nutrition we can expect am optimum health.

Stress Management

A negative thoughts creates negative energy and as a response our body release some stress hormones which is destructive most of the time. It is essential that we manage stress the right way.

Natural Supplements

For centuries people develop new age medicines and supplements that involves a lot of synthetic ingredients to preserve and enhance its taste. Natural sources supplements are highly absorbed by our body and without harmful chemicals.

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