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The Quantum Urine Analysis

What is it and how it is done?

Quantum Physics is the science dealing with energy and vibration. Everything in nature is made of energy. Matters are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms and atoms are made of particles called electrons, protons and neutrons. They are all energetic particles. There is space within the atoms that is also filled up completely by energy.

Energy is information and it can be assessed by Quantum techniques. Our body talks through its energetic signals. That is how a dog will know when you are afraid! That is also how you attracted to others in the first glimpse or when you choose your seat in a new classroom. If compatible, it makes you feels better and if not, it is the opposite feeling and comfort level!

Quantum Urine Analysis looks for the patterns of energetic frequencies (signals) that show imbalances. Microbes can be therefore recognized if active in our body, the same as allergies and sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies or excess, blockages, toxic overloads and many other factors. When these negative factors are known, they can be removed too and health therefore can be supported and restored!

According to Dr Masaru Emoto in the book “The Hidden Message in Water”, it is well said that “water has the ability to copy and keep information. We may also say that the water of the oceans has the memories of the cultures that live in the oceans. In this book, Dr Emoto mentions that the earth’s glaciers may well contain millions of years of the planet’s history” (Prologue section, page xviii). In the same section, he continues: “to understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself”. He also quotes: “the average human body is 70% water”. If the information above is easy to understand, therefore, it is also then possible to detect the frequency signals related to any incident happening in or to the body. Furthermore, it should be also possible to learn about the information related to the quality of cellular/ organ/ and the system functions or even the structures in the body by assessing the signals of the body’s water/ fluid, in this case, the urine.

However, to check the body’s energetic signals, it is possible to do it via other techniques without any need to have access to any of the body fluids or urine sample too.

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What is a Quantum Urine Analysis and How it Helps Restoring Health and Balance?

Developed by some intuitive professionals and for the first time in the world, they have found a way to initially determine the state of health and diseases in a person (i.e. Autistic children) by checking frequencies emitted from the body (emotion, mind, spirit) of the person in a sample of his/ her urine! Then, the technique was originally invented for autism assessment but now, it can be used to evaluate anyone with any chronic die-ease!

How Does it Work?

The human body has an innate ability to heal itself. In the case of chronic conditions, this ability is somehow compromised due to some blocking factors, whether microbes (bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungi), difficult and persistent toxicity and emotional/ energetic blockages or stagnations. If these obstacles are recognized and removed, another chance will be provided to the body to heal itself naturally.

It is possible to perform Quantum analyses on samples of urine (water of the blood) based on bio resonance and the laws of Quantum Mechanics to detect energetic imprints which happen for any reaction in the body. The body energetic and electrical system would reflect the quality of health and disease at all time and if assessed properly, the causes of the imbalances can be understood. Blood travels everywhere in the body and anything happens, it leaves an energetic imprint or memory in the water (the urine in this case).

This energetic analysis will provide an overview of the overall functions in the biological tissues (to some extent of course and not absolute figures), good enough to create a harmonic approach to health and balance to support the natural flow. The Quantum urine test therefore, could reveal the possible causes of function disturbance of organs/ systems whether it is microbial (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites), toxicity or others (an indication of the immune system integrity as well as the detoxification abilities and so on). Many functions and organs are listed and are tested and checked in details.

In the presence of toxicity or microbial activities, the balance of the function (health) is lost, compromising the overall body performance. In general, determining food intolerances is also crucial when it comes to almost any pathology since they happen mainly due to weaknesses in the digestive system function. This by itself is the cause of many allergic reactions from eczema and itching and foggy mind to disturbed sleeping pattern, fatigue and lack of concentration. Not to mention the adverse effects of enormous nutritional deficiencies which follow gradually by time due to lack of absorption. On the test result report, the imbalances will be shown by an “X” mark in a column before the affected organ or system which is being tested. This, however, will not indicate any disease condition, but just the imbalances (in the functions), either hypo or hyper functions; whereas health is the state of balance, homeostasis!

When the causes of imbalances are detected, the first treatment strategy would be to eliminate them as disturbing factors as much as possible. This is to create the harmony in the body again. Sometimes, the root causes for skin eruptions, in most of such cases reside in different levels of body, mind and spirit. The question is what makes someone susceptible to skin eruptions and eczema! The organs and systems involved include the immunity, digestion, and the detoxification. If the source of the toxin production is recognized and eliminated, it will result in creating a more balanced environment and therefore, the skin becomes less irritated due to the influx of the toxic compounds for excretion! The liver and blood becomes more fresh and clear and therefore, the insult to the entire body will reduce dramatically. When digestive system functions more efficiently, it will not only digest food easier and better with less harmful residues, but also the nutrients will be absorbed a lot easier, diminishing symptoms of nutritional deficiencies! As a result, the cells become more nourished and therefore, they will function a lot better and this will affect all the cells in the body regardless.

When toxins are addressed from the base, liver function becomes much easier in a sense that it will no longer be congested and under pressure. Consequently, the anger and tantrum or frustration which is related to the pressure on the liver will become better and moves easier. Stagnations are slowly removed and health is restored!

When the food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances are addressed and avoided, the inflammation which is the result of the constant insult to the mucus membrane of the gut is diminished, and hence, the tight junctions and the structure of the endothelium will go back to its normal presentation and conditions such as leaky gut are addressed. Of course, there is a need for special nutritional supplements to address not only the elemental requirements for the tissue repair, but also to change the functions and support the whole healing process.

They will be discussed later in details!

Following is a sample of the Quantum Urine Analysis test sheet:

Quantum Urine Analysis test sheet

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