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Smart Cancer Screening Test

Key advantages of i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening Test

The i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening Test

It is a quick and convenient test that provides a significant amount of health information from a small amount of blood

The i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening Test is an examination that identifies 8 major cancer risks (lung, liver, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, breast and ovarian cancer) using a small amount of blood.

Analysis Of Multiple Protein Biomarkers

The i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening Test provides a precise analysis of multiple protein markers (biomarkers) within the blood by utilizing globally recognized advanced equipment from companies such as Roche.

Utilizing A Proprietary Machine-learning Algorithm

The results of the biomarkers are further analyzed with Bioinfra’s unique machinelearning algorithm, achieving a high detection rate compared to a tumor marker blood test, which only analyzes a single biomarker for each type of cancer


Technology Created through Joint Development with SNU Cancer Research Institute Tumor Immunity MRC

Now that an era of super-aging is approaching, the paradigm of the medical market is shifting from treatment centers to prevention centers the as well as maintenance of lifelong health through early detection and prevention is more important than ever. Accordingly, Bioinfra Clinic will provide effective health care prior to disease treatment.

The i-Finder Smart Cancer Screening Test, jointly developed with the TIMRC of the Seoul National University Cancer Research Institute, examines the risk of eight cancer types using a small amount of blood, based on several decades of research. Our goal is to help you enjoy a happy life and to ensure a healthy future. Bio Infrastructure Clinic promises to provide you with ongoing health care services.

Customer Testimonial

“ After hearing that the i-Finder Smart Cancer Screening Test’s were far more accurate than the common single tumor marker blood tests, I decided to get the test. My test results showed a high risk of gastric cancer. Having suffered frequent indigestion, I decided to get additional confirmatory tests and received the news that I had gastric cancer. To my relief, the removal operation was successful and I am now putting more effort into managing my health. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why this test is unique?

The Smart Cancer Screening Test we are offering is new, it is very innovative, it is well proven and gives early warning indications of the potential of the development of cancer in a client. This is a major breakthrough from the past overall knowledge and analysis technology. However, any concerning results of the Smart Cancer Screening Test need then to be confirmed by a more definitive diagnosis through needle biopsy of the indicated affected areas. This will allow the client to have treatment before any potential cancer can do any serious harm. Such pre-imperative action will make treatment much easier with little or no complications and definitely for a relatively low cost of treatment.

2. Is this a diagnosis for cancer?

The Smart Cancer Screening Test is NOT a diagnosis for cancer. It is just to assess the possibilities of certain types of cancer growing in the body of a person at the time with up to 95% accuracy. A diagnosis needs to be made by an oncologist/ pathologist using a needle biopsy specimen where they can see the cancer cells in a pathology lab.

3. Why should I do it?

Cancer is a long-term process which happens to people and time is needed for it to mature naturally. Sometimes, this takes decades! Then, by the time it is diagnosed due to a concerning symptom, it is already too late in terms of finding it only in its local and original place in the body. Stage 3 and 4 are the level of metastasis as the cancer cells spreads and proliferates through the body. If that is the case, the treatment should then cover the entire body as opposed to the local area with cancer. As a result, general (whole body) intoxication will be required of all the body cells so as to increase the chance of complete eradication of the cancers. That makes the side effects of the conventional cancer therapies very large and difficult.

4. Who does this test suit the best?

Basically, everyone who is above 40, unless they have unhealthy body conditions even in younger age people. Among the families who have a history of cancer running in them or the ones with previous cancer issues, the Smart Cancer Screening Test could be even more valuable.

5. Is it the same as the Genetic Cancer Testing which is offered everywhere?

No, definitely not. The genetic testing looks for wrong gene sequences or gene abnormalities which could result in cancer (if the condition applies). Whether you are 10 or 50 years old, the result of the genetic cancer testing should be the same. More importantly, in this Smart Cancer Screening Test, the client is tested to see whether he or she, at this moment is developing cancer in his/her body based on the life style and many other factors at the present time.

6. What if I get a positive reading? It could be scary!

Importantly, there is nothing to be afraid of. In case of any positive findings, you will need to go for further investigation for a confirmed diagnosis. If anything is found, when it is in its very early stage, eliminating the disease should not be difficult at all. Many natural modalities and approaches are also available too. Otherwise, if you are not aware of the cancer growth within you and while it is getting bigger slowly, sooner or later, it will reach its maturation level. It is then, that the symptoms will appear whether you want it or not. Treatment will then be increasingly difficult since by that time, the cancer cells have most probably spread to other tissues/organs in the body. So naturally, it is better to catch any cancer way before it can cause a serious health and treatment problem.

7. How accurate and reliable is the test?

In cases of breast cancer, it could have up to 95% accuracy and the least accuracy in about 85%. Still pretty good!

8. Why cancer occurs in many nowadays?

Cancer is about 150 to 200 years old. In the history of humans before the industrial revolution, cancer like other degenerative or even auto-immune diseases were never found as they are today. The antigens (disease-causing particles) were not present in the environment of humans even close to whatever they are now. The immune system of the typical people was capable of keeping in balance. Whereas today, not only we suffer from massive environmental toxicity, many of which with zero threshold in our bodies, the food we consume is also not complete and missing many of the most delicate food substances which were a part of our natural diet in the past and are not found there anymore. So, the human of today is very much susceptible to diseases as such.

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